Computor Room AC
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    Product Features


    1, saving at least 40% compared to traditional air conditioning.


    2, integrated design, simple installation and easy maintenance.


    3, can be connected directly to cooling heat generating elements, lower running costs by using the duct.


    4, air duct can be upside down as an option.


    5, using the standard communication interface, unit operation status monitoring by a remote control center can be adjusted at any time, also for multi-machine rotating operation.


    6, using a large pleated air filter, effectively filter dust in the air and easy washable.


    7, energy efficient, the machine uses a scroll compressor, hydrophilic aluminum fins, internal thread pipe, parallel flow condensers.


    8, with high-voltage protection, power on or off automatic running, phase order protection, power-on password protection, can protect the whole operation is safe, stable and reliable.

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