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    Product Applications
    ·Caterers and businesses that are in the hospitality industry. 
    ·Concession trailers that need cold storage. 
    ·Disaster relief and emergency service. 
    ·State and local government need refrigerated trailers .
    ·Restaurants remodeling kitchens or needing temporary or additional cold storage. 
    ·Family reunions. 
    ·Weddings and parties. 
    ·Sporting events with tailgating. 
    ·Hunting trailers. 
    ·Marinas, fish and seafood cold storage and transport. 
    ·Corporate sponsorships, such as marathons, special events that need cold beverages. 
    ·Exhibitions and trade shows that require food and beverage. 
    ·Flower growers and related transportation providers. 
    ·Fast food chains. 
    ·Beverage and food sellers at parks, camp sites and fairs. 
    ·Food processors.

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