DC Powered Truck AC
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    DC Powered Truck AC is specifically designed on the basis of the using characteristics and the working environment for the engineering machinery, heavy duty trucks and etc.

    Economical: This air-conditioner adopt Vehicle-load (or add extra one) DC12V batteries, no need to start the main engine of truck, which is different from the air-conditioner for the traditional engineering machinery and trucks. Non- Fuel, low power consumption and noise, non-pollution, high efficiency and economical is typical for K20F3.

    Reliability: Constant rotating speed compressor, steady working state, well refrigerate and reliability.

    Low Noise: No more than 65dBA. No vibration and noise of the main engine when truck stops.

    Easy operation: Intelligent zed Microprocessor control system, easy operation.

    High security: Multiple self-protection functions, such as pressure alarm protection, power overvoltage or under voltage protection, motor overcurrent or overload protection, motor over-heat protection and failure checking, which ensure the system safety and reliably.

    Applied range: Applies to various type mid-bus, truck, engineering truck and special purpose vehicle and etc. And K20F3 series can be redesigned totally according to your requirement.

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