Truck Refrigeration Unit
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    KINGTEC TECHNOLOGIES (HEYUAN) CO., LTD is jointly established by Kingtec (Group) Co., Ltd of Hong Kong and Carrier Corporation of USA. It is a professional manufacturer which mainly concentrates on developing and manufacturing of vehicle refrigeration equipment, coordinated development of a wide range of industries, it is a large-scale vehicle refrigeration R&D base at home now, and it is also a domestic leader in the line of vehicle air-conditioner and transport refrigeration unit. Kingtec technologies Co., Ltd is located in heyuan city, Guangdong province, China, it occupy 130000m2, building area of 60000m2. We have more than 800 workers, wherein 50 bachelors, 90 engineers, 20 have senior title beyond us.

    The company gathering the most outstanding technician and managerial talent in the area of bus air-conditioner, refrigeration professional, and air conditioner heat system, exclude the "TongJi Kingtec transport refrigeration air-conditioner Institute", the technology center of company is also a part of "Provincial-level enterprise technology centers of Guangdong province", "Transport refrigeration engineering technology research and development center of Guangdong province", with superior development and design capabilities and technical innovation capabilities.

    The company owns the most advanced and largest production, testing equipment of bus air-conditioner and transport refrigeration unit, the production process is scientific, practical, effective and reasonable. There existing sheet metal, welding, piping, electrical, painting, assembly and many other modern production lines, owns many assembly lines, the annual production capacity of bus air-conditioner can reach to 25,000 sets, the annual production capacity of transport refrigeration unit is more than 15,000 sets, and the annual production capacity of heat exchanger up to 100,000 sets. The annual production capacity and production scale comes out in front either in China or Asia.

    Kingtec has always been focused on quality of products, and has passed the ISO9001 quality system authentication; CCAP certification of bus air-conditioner products; Refrigeration equipment production license certification, CE international certification etc.

    "With auto-refrigeration equipment as the leading, with auto spare parts as the developing, based on the domestic market, with overseas markets as the growth point" is the development strategy that Kingtec firmly carried out, the sales of product, visibility, credibility, brand awareness, service level, etc. on the forefront of top the industry for a long-term, the international markets of Kingtec has been expanded to six continents more than 60 countries and regions, Kingtec is one of the largest manufacturers which with the maximum export volume, the maximum export varieties, and the maximum export countries in the area of bus air conditioner and transport refrigeration unit at home now.

    Kingtec Technologies has established self-built services network in all province, municipality, autonomous regional across the country except Taiwan, and have in excess of 100 consignation network, that will make sure all the customers been well served, avoiding the user's worries.

    Kingtec Technologies focuses on developing the world-class performance products and shall continue to research and development of innovative products, providing the customer with innovative designed, advanced technology, perfect quality and high performance products.

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